“Cologne Streetart Bike Tour” – Guided bike tour for groups

Discover the hip neighborhoods of Cologne by bike!

Away from the bustling city center, you dive deep into the Belgian Quarter and Ehrenfeld on our “Cologne Streetart Bike Tour”. You will experience how art can valorize urban neighborhoods, how it is often undetected in the cityscape, how it changes, disappears and emerges – urban culture at its best! As you will be cycling in a small group with private guides, we can arrange your bike tour according to your personal wishes. You can spend plenty of time interpreting the large murals and finding the smallest stickers, tiles and paste-ups, or simply unwind in the sun with a delicious coffee or a tasty ice cream.

Book our private guided „Cologne Streetart Bike Tour“ directly online

You can book our “Streetart Tour” daily as a private guided tour. We offer the bike tour in German or English. Choose the date that suits you best:

Our private guided “Cologne Streetart Bike Tour” in a nutshell

  • Daily tours in German, English & Dutch, accompanied by expert guides
  • Flexible starting time according to your wishes
  • Small groups of up to 15 people 
  • approx. 3 hours, including break
  • approx. 15 kilometers
  • from 240,00 euro per person, including city bike & helmet
  • More comfort? E-bike upgrade for only 14.90 euros!

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What to expect on our „Cologne Streetart Bike Tour“

Our private guided “Cologne Streetart Bike Tour” takes you far away from the inner-city art museums on an alternative route through the colorful urban art galleries of Cologne. Together with your guides you will explore the “Belgian”, one of the hottest neighborhoods of the city, and Ehrenfeld, the former industrial area and today one of the hippest places in Cologne!

Since you are cycling through Cologne as a private group, you are welcome to determine the course of your bike tour. Our guides will adjust to your wishes and ideas and make your bike tour a fantastic experience!


One of a kind streetart in the “Belgian” and in Ehrenfeld

En route you see colorful murals, quirky stickers and tiles, amusing paste-ups and stencils that inspire you to stop and think. Whether international artists like Inti, Roa or Ethos, or local legends like Captain Borderline, the Banana Sprayer, or Joiny – many a streetart masters have left their traces in the Belgian and Ehrenfeld districts. But attention! The streetart scene is often short-lived and does not always evolve in a legal way. Where a work of art still sparkled yesterday, something completely different can be found today!

Best of urban art and urban culture by bike

Your guides will take you to the hot spots at Brüssler Platz, Helios Straße or the famous colorful Ehrenfeld train station and explain the latest trends in urban development and gentrification and how urban art contributes to it. Of course, you will also gain a lot of interesting information about the art scene, the creation, techniques and background of the artworks and have plenty of time to look at everything, to let it influence you, and to take pictures – an advantage of the private bike tour!

Please note that our “Streetart Tour” does not follow a predefined itinerary and Cologne’s lively scene makes every tour a one-of-a-kind experience!

The „Cologne Streetart Bike Tour“ completely private!

You already have exact ideas which Cologne artwork should not be missing on your bike tour, or which square in Ehrenfeld you absolutely want to see? Then let us know in advance and we will adjust the route of the tour according to your preference.

Or do you rather want to decide spontaneously where to go or where you want to take a break? Our guides know the most charming corners in the Belgian quarter and Ehrenfeld, lead you to lovely cafés and ice cream parlors, or recommend which kiosk offers the most refreshing Kölsch beer.

Cologne Streetart Bike Tour
Cologne Streetart Bike Tour
Cologne Streetart Bike Tour
Cologne Streetart Bike Tour

“Cologne Streetart Bike Tour” in summary

the highlights of this tour

  • Eigelstein, Gereons quarter and Friesenwall
  • Streetart Hotspots in the Belgian Quarter: Brüssler Platz and Brüssler Street
  • Streetart on Vogelsanger Street
  • Rail Line in the Helios-area
  • Wall of Fame at the Ehrenfeld train station
  • Ehrenfeld: Venloer-, Stamm- and Körner Streets
  • And much more …
Cologne Streetart Bike Tour

What is included in the price of the bike tour?

  • Use of city bikes or e-bikes on tour, depending on the booking
  • Helmets are available upon request
  • German, English or Dutch-speaking guide, depending on the booking
  • Disposable rain ponchos in bad weather
  • 100% active cultural enjoyment: sightseeing and cycling!

You would rather book the “Cologne Streetart Bike Tour“ as public tour?

You like the route and topics of our “Cologne Streetart Bike Tour”, but you would rather join a mixed group? No problem! We offer the “Streetart Tour” on Fridays, weekends and holidays as a public tour in English. Click here for the offer!

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Cologne Streetart Bike Tour

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