Our sustainability check

We are convinced that the bicycle is an urban means of mass transport with a future and will gradually conquer leisure traffic and inner-city tourism in addition to commuter traffic. With our presence on the streets of Cologne in the context of guided bicycle tours, we make a demonstrative contribution to climate protection and to rethinking urban and traffic planning. The “car-friendly city” is history! Sustainable management is an important concern for us in all company processes and makes our daily work fulfilling and valuable.

Colonia Aktiv is a member of the Association of Sustainable Enterprises. With the following measures we want to operate sustainably and keep our ecological footprint as small as possible:
Bicycle, bicycle, bicycle

Whether it is the daily journey of our employees or the numerous bicycle tours with our guests, for us the bicycle is the No. 1 means of transport.

In addition to journeys for professional reasons to the workplace or between accommodation and the trade fair, it is mainly leisure trips that are undertaken by our bicycle rental customers. Here are the most common motives and destinations of the renters:

Excursion restaurants and beer gardens,
Between accommodation and trade fair/conference,
“Into the countryside” to the bathing lake or to the barbecue party in the park
Shopping and errands

All guides and employees in the Colonia Aktiv store are convinced cyclists. An internal survey has shown that in 9 out of 10 cases the way to work is done by bicycle.
Printing of promotional material

For our flyers, we are using the climate-neutral printing process of from 2016. The print products are produced in Düren, near Cologne, in such a way that environmentally friendly processes are used as far as possible and at the same time an offset project is also supported to compensate for the lower but unavoidable CO² emissions.

We usually carry out our deliveries with Cambio car sharing cars. Here we can choose the right vehicle class and deliver few bikes with small cars and many bikes with larger vans. If only because of the mileage-based billing, we strive for economy here and plan delivery trips as efficiently as possible. In addition, as cyclists, we are of course pleased that there is more traffic space for bicycles and pedestrians thanks to the car-sharing model. Alternatively, we use cargo cabs as logistics partners. This business model is also sustainable due to the high utilization of individual vehicles on short routes in urban traffic.
Web hosting

Our business is largely an online business, so here too we have opted for sustainably generated electricity for our server operations. Our web host “Webhost1” uses 100% green electricity for web hosting.
Accounting & Banking

For transfers of incoming and outgoing invoices, we use an account at the sustainable GLS Bank in Bochum. Since we have cash income and need to deposit cash frequently, we also have an account at the local savings bank. Sending invoices to our customers, internal settlements and communication with the tax advisor are usually done paperless by sending .PDF documents.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our carbon footprint or if we can help you plan a low-emission and active class trip, a company outing or by providing individual mobility with our bikes, we look forward to hearing from you!

Peter Unkelbach