Fascination Cologne Bike Tour

The classic way to get to know Cologne – Explore Cologne by bike!

You want to get a good overview of the city? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Our “Fascination Cologne bike tour” is an entertaining mix of classic sightseeing and social biking. Experience Cologne by bike from Roman times to the Middle Ages and the latest architectural developments. Exciting anecdotes and fascinating historical facts accompany you on our journey of discovery through Germany’s oldest metropolis.

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Our public “Fascination Cologne Bike Tour” takes place daily in English from March to November. On weekends and holidays, we also offer the tour in German. Choose the date that suits you best:

Our “Fascination Cologne Bike Tour“ in a nutshell

  • Daily tours in English; German Tours on weekends & public holidays; accompanied by expert guides 
  • Small groups of up to 15 people 
  • approx. 3 hours, including break
  • approx. 15 kilometers
  • from 32,90 euro per person, including city bike & helmet
  • More comfort? E-bike upgrade for only 14,90 euros!

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Culture & Urban History
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Rhine Panorama
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Culinary Experiences

What you can expect on our “Fascination Cologne Bike Tour”

You always wanted to know which cathedral spire is the higher one, what St. Agnes is all about and how many love locks hang on the Hohenzollern Bridge? On our “Fascination Cologne” bike tour, you’ll learn the most important and interesting facts about the metropolis on the Rhine!

Getting to know Cologne!

The traffic-safe route takes you to the most interesting attractions and shows Cologne’s diversity and flair both in the busy city center and outside the tourist centers.

You’ll cycle through the multicultural Eigelstein district and into the authentic Agnesviertel. Your guides will explain a lot about the city’s history, the pre- and post-war period, which is reflected in Cologne especially in the varied architecture. The tour continues through the northern spur of the green belt, to Fort X, a former fortification of Cologne, and past the Lentpark across the Zoobrücke to the Schäl Sick, the so-called “wrong side” of Cologne. But not everything is bad in the right bank of the Rhine: We cycle through the Rhine Park, the former site of the Federal Garden Show and along the Rhine promenade to the Hohenzollern Bridge, which is adorned with countless love locks. There are always great views of the Cologne skyline, the old town and the Rheinauhafen with the famous chocolate museum!


Cologne Bike Tour: the highlights!

Back on the cathedral side, the old city center awaits us, which not only reveals medieval history, but also suggests the Roman settlement origin. By bike we can easily meander through the small streets and discover hidden places. We cycle on through the Heumark and the Alter Markt and learn more about Kölsch, Klüngel and the legendary Cologne Carnival! And of course, a detour to the cathedral, one of the largest Gothic cathedrals must not be missed – an absolute highlight of this tour!

Cologne Bike Tour
Cologne Bike Tour
Cologne Bike Tour

“Fascination Cologne Bike Tour” in summary

The Highlights of this Tour

  • Eigelstein and Agnes quarters
  • Green belt and Fort X
  • Schäl Sick: Rhine park and promenade
  • Hohenzollern- and Deutzer bridges
  • Cologne Cathedral
  • Old market, Hey markets, old city center
  • Harbor and Rhine boulevard
  • And much more…
Cologne Bike Tour

What is included in the price of the bike tour?

  • Use of city bikes on tour
  • Helmets are available upon request
  • German- or English-speaking guide, depending on the booking
  • Disposable rain ponchos in bad weather
  • 100% active cultural enjoyment: sightseeing and cycling!

More Impressions from our “Fascination Cologne Bike Tour”

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Cologne Bike Tour

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