E-Bike Tour Cologne “Panorama”

NEW! NEW! NEW! The very first e-bike tour of Cologne!!

North, East, South and West – on our E-Bike Tour Cologne “Panorama” you will ride an extended loop through Cologne and see the most beautiful and interesting sights of the city. Cycle along the Rhine, through the “Kölsche Grün”, explore the alleys of the Südstadt and the Agnesviertel and be completely relaxed with some tailwind on our comfortable e-bikes. Join us on the very first E-Bike Tour of Cologne!

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Our public E-Bike Tour Cologne “Panorama” takes place daily in English from April to November. Choose the date that suits you:

Our E-Bike Tour Cologne “Panorama” in a nutshell

  • Daily tours in English;accompanied by expert guides
  • Cycling in small groups of up to 12 people 
  • Duration: approx. 3,5 hours, including break
  • Distance: approx. 18 Kilometer
  • Price: 54,90 Euro per person, incl. E-Bike and helmet
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Parks & Green Spaces
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Culture & Urban History
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Rhine Panorama
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Culinary Experiences
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Information about the E-Bike Tour Cologne “Panorama”:

1. Our e-bikes are suitable for guests from a height of 1.55 m!
Children or teenagers on tour ride e-bikes for a reduced price with the consent of their legal guardians and the corresponding body height. Child seats are available for small children!

2. Our E-Bike Tour Cologne “Panorama” is just your thing, but you don’t speak English?
No problem! We also offer the “Panorama” as a private guided bike tour in German. Click here for the offer.

3. Not the right tour for you? Maybe our “Fascination Cologne Bike Tour” in German or English is the better choice?

4. Do you have any questions about our e-bikes or the tour? Then contact us and we will be happy to advise you!



What you can expect on our E-Bike Tour Cologne Panorama

Our E-bike tour Cologne “Panorama” combines the many facets of the metropolis on the Rhine: 2000 years of history and modern architecture, small winding alleys and large spacious green areas, from the Agnesviertel in the north to the cozy Südstadt, from the Cologne Cathedral and the Hohenzollern Bridge to the hidden squares with unique city flair!

On this e-bike tour you cycle an extended but relaxed loop and explore the highlights along the Rhine!

The first guided E-Bike Tour Cologne – let’s explore the highlights of the city!

The route leaves from the Eigelstein and leads through the north of Cologne past the Agnes Church, the second largest church in Cologne, and through the northern green belt. Not far from the hustle and bustle of the city center, you already feel like you’ve entered a vacation zone.

With a fabulous panoramic view of Cologne, we cycle on to the right bank of the Rhine. The locals tell all kinds of stories about why this side of the city is the so-called “wrong side of the Rhine” – your guide will definitely tell you about it!

With a view of the Cologne Cathedral, the Hohenzollern Bridge, the Deutzer Bridge and the Old Town with its narrow houses, you have the chance to try out how fast you can cycle with our e-bikes here in the Rhine Park before we head back to the “right side” left of the Rhine. Of course, stops at the cathedral and in the old town are a must and you will learn a lot about the 2000-year history of our Colonia!

E-bikes on tour heading south.

But Cologne has even more to offer! You leave the bustle of the old town and head south. The Rheinau harbor awaits you! On the former peninsula “Werthchen” today the most modern buildings tower up into the air. But open your eyes! Between these architectural masterpieces, you’ll find medieval remnants and harbor areas from Cologne’s industrialization period.


South City Flair and “Cologne Heights”

You leave the banks of the Rhine and wind your way through the alleys of the southern part of the city, the Südstadt. A true voyage of discovery awaits you! Past the so-called “Egg Square”, the “Banana Roundabout” and the ” Bott Mill” you head directly into the heart of the “Südstadt”. During a short rest with ice cream, Kölsch beer, lemonade or coffee, you can let this cozy neighborhood work its magic on you!

Through the Volksgarten past the legandary student neighborhood “Kwartier Latäng” and past University of Cologne we reach the “Aachener Pond”. Right in the middle of the green belt, your guide will explain to you what the local “hills” are all about before you set off for the last stage of the tour: the “Mont Klamott” is waiting! But no worries, with your e-bikes this tiny climb will be a piece of cake. At the top, your Cologne panorama awaits you and you let your bikes coast until you arrive back at the Eigelstein.

E-Bike Tour Cologne
E-Bike Tour Cologne
E-Bike Tour Cologne
E-Bike Tour Cologne
E-Bike Tour Cologne

E-Bike Tour Cologne “Panorama” in a nutshell

The highlights of this tour

  • Eigelstein, Agnes Quarter and northern green belt
  • Schäl Sick: Rhine Park, river banks and Rhine Boulevard
  • Hohenzollern Bridge and Deutzer Bridge
  • Cologne Cathedral and Old Town
  • Rheinau Habor
  • Südstadt, Severins-Neighborhood and Volksgarten
  • University, Aachener Pond and Herkules Hill
  • and much more …
E-Bike Tour Cologne

What is included in the price of the bike tour?

  • Use of E-bikes on tour
  • Helmets are available upon request
  • English-speaking guide
  • Disposable rain ponchos in bad weather
  • 100% active cultural enjoyment: sightseeing and cycling

More Impressions from our E-Bike Tour Cologne “Panorama”

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E-Bike Tour Cologne

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