The Eigelstein – Start for your guided bike tour through Cologne

The Eigelstein – Start for your guided bike tour through Cologne

Are you looking for a place where “the heart of Cologne” beats? Then the “Eigelstein Veedel” is the right place for you! This charming neighborhood has a long history to tell and is now a hotspot for anyone who wants to experience authentic Cologne.

Originally populated by potters, glassblowers and blacksmiths, the Eigelstein Veedel has changed over time and is now home to a colorful mix of greengrocers and hearty pubs. Here, history meets modernity; cozy old buildings line up with trendy hotspots, and you can experience it all up close! Our experienced tour guides from Colonia Aktiv will be your personal storytellers as you roll through the picturesque streets of Cologne. From exciting anecdotes about the Eigelstein Torburg to hidden treasures of the area – your guided bike tour through Cologne will be a real journey through time.

Geführte Fahrradtour durch Köln

Start your guided bike tour through Cologne with the story of the Eigelstein and the city gate

The Eigelstein Gate is a real treasure from the 13th century and has quite a bit behind it! Built as part of the old Roman military road that led through Cologne to the Niederrein to Neuss and Xanten, it is one of the three remaining city gates that once served as an important entrance to the city, accordingly, the Torburg is a real tourist magnet and an important symbol of the Veedel. Over the centuries, the Eigelstein around the Torburg experienced a variety of historical changes.

It even survived the bombings during the Second World War almost intact! Therefore, the Eigelstein Torburg with its impressive presence as a relic of times gone by, serves as a perfect starting point for a relaxed, guided bike tour through Cologne

Modernisation and cultural diversity

A lot has happened in the neighborhood around the Eigelstein Torburg in recent decades: historic buildings have been restored and converted into modern apartments and offices. This process of redevelopment has helped to blend the flair of the past with contemporary life. Today, the area is a melting pot of different cultures and lifestyles. The community is a colorful mix of old residents and newcomers, who together cultivate a unique sense of community, celebrate festivals and uphold the Kölsch attitude to life on a daily basis. True to the motto “Am Eigelstein es Musik”.

Events and culinary experiences

The area around the Eigelstein Torburg is lively and offers all sorts of great activities. Exciting events are regularly organized here, from art exhibitions to street festivals. The diverse cultural offerings invite you to participate and meet new people. The neighborhood also has a lot to offer in terms of culinary delights. The restaurants near the Eigelstein Torburg reflect the cultural diversity and offer a wide range of flavors. From traditional “Kölscher Cuisine” to international delicacies from Italy, Spain, Thailand and Turkey, everyone really gets their money’s worth here!  So if there are any special foodies among our readers, here are some of Colonia Aktiv’s personal recommendations for enjoying yourself at Eigelstein:

Jlöcklich – il caffè felice

Geführte Fahrradtour durch Köln

You need a short break? Then immerse yourself in the Mediterranean flair of Café Jlöcklich. This charming eatery offers you everything your southern heart desires; from tempting cakes to delicious cornettis, from savory panini to delicious arancini or carefully prepared pastel de nata – here you will find a diverse selection that will tantalize your taste buds. And for those who love coffee and cake, Café Jlöcklich remains a reliable address.

These classics are still prepared and served with great dedication. And when it comes to coffee, Jlöcklich il caffè felice continues to rely on the tried and tested “Eigelsteiner” roast from Van Dyck, which will make your coffee break a special experience! The perfect detour before you set off on your guided bike tour through Cologne!



Geführte Fahrradtour durch Köln

You rather feel like a refreshment? Then we have just the thing for you! This charming frozen yogurt store promises an enjoyable time-out that will tantalize your palate. Since 2014, YOMARO has its place in the heart of the city, directly at the Torburg in the Eigelstein district. YOMARO combines fresh enjoyment with minimalist design and awaits you with a young, creative team. Amidst the tempting variety of frozen yogurt flavors and a plethora of toppings, you can put together your very own personal creation. Whether you’re looking for a fruity refreshment or a sweet treat, you’ll find just the right thing here!

Brauhaus Em Kölsche Boor

If you are looking for a hearty and traditional brewery experience, you should stop by the brewhouse “Em Kölsche Boor”! This cozy brewery invites you to experience the Cologne hospitality and the unique beer culture of the city. Here you can enjoy a variety of Kölsch beers brewed according to traditional recipes in a rustic atmosphere. But that’s not all!

Geführte Fahrradtour durch Köln Geführte Fahrradtour durch Köln

In addition to the inviting ambience, the wide selection of regional delicacies ensures that there is something for every taste. From hearty specialties to classic Cologne dishes, the brewhouse “Em Kölsche Boor” offers a true culinary journey through the flavors of our region. Whether you are a local or a visitor, the Brauhaus Em Kölsche Boor will welcome you with open arms! This is the perfect location to spend time after your guided bike tour through Cologne.

Your adventure is calling – Book direct with Colonia Aktiv!

The Eigelstein has made you curious and you want to learn more about this lively little Veedel? Secure your seats for an unforgettable guided bike tour through Cologne with Colonia Aktiv and learn more about the historic Torbug and its surroundings. Because there is so much more to explore!

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