The ultimate guide to experiencing the EURO 2024 in Cologne

Hey to all cyclists and football-friends!

Today we are super excited to talk about something that’s close to the heart of every Kölner – football!

With the EURO 2024 in Cologne just around the corner, the city is buzzing with anticipation. And we, at Colonia Aktiv, are no different! Whether you’re a die-hard football fan or just here for the vibes, there’s no better place to be around during the EURO 2024 than Cologne!

EM 2024 in Köln

Some of you who have joined us on our guided bike tours during scheduled football matches might already be familiar with the iconic football-pub culture in our city; you’ve probably pedaled past these lively spots, where the love for football runs deep. So, let’s dive into what makes Cologne the best place to soak up the best football atmosphere!

Cologne’s Passion: What makes Cologne so special?

Cologne is a city that’s famous for its pub culture and carneval, but something that runs deep in every Kölner heart is their love for football! Not only is our city the proud hometown of Lukas Podolski, a football legend who has left an undeniable mark on the sport, but it lives and breathes football, with a passion that’s almost tangible. So, it’s no surprise that FC Köln, the local team, has such a dedicated following that transforms the city into a sea of red and white, with fans showing their support in every corner of Cologne.

Now that the EURO 2024 is partly being hosted in our city, this passion intensifies even more; Streets, squares, and especially pubs become the gathering points for fans of every ethnicity, drinking, celebrating and supporting their teams during matches. So, if you’re cycling through the city with us on our guided bike tours during the EURO 2024 in Cologne, don’t be surprised by the cheerful roars of football fans!

EM 2024 in Köln EM 2024 in Köln

Little fun fact! 

Hennes the Goat, our beloved mascot of 1. FC Köln, is a significant part of the city’s football culture, so much so that you can even spot a figure of Hennes on the iconic Cologne Cathedral! We guess you have to join one of our rides, if you want to spot it!

Enjoy the EURO 2024 atmosphere with us!


EM 2024 in KölnSo imagine this: You’re riding through the historic streets of Cologne, the sun is shining, and there’s a contagious excitement in the air. The local pubs roar with the collective cheers of fans celebrating a goal or egging on their teams, and everyone is welcomed to join in. Sounds exciting, right? Many local pubs like Gottes Grüne Wiese in the „Belgian Quarter“ and the Flotte in the legendary „Kwartier Latäng“ will stream the matches live for their visitors to enjoy, and for our international readers and fans, the American Sports Bar: Joe Champs will also be streaming the matches.

Now, cheering on your team at on of the games at the stadium is a whole other experience! Watching a match live at the Rhein Energie Stadion is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed, because the roar of the crowd, the sea of team colors, and the shared emotions of the fans create an unforgettable atmosphere that just pulls you into the right spirit. But even for those who didn’t manage to get tickets to watch the matches in the stadium or who don’t want the crowded pubs experience, don’t worry! The EURO 2024 in Cologne is for everyone! There are public viewing spots with large screens set up in various locations, such as Heumarkt and Tanzbrunnen where they offer engaging activities, food and drinks for everyone to enjoy.

Here’s an overview of where to find what

EURO 2024 in Cologne

Oh and, you might think a game lasts “only” 90 minutes. Think again, because here in Cologne the fun does not just end after the final whistle is blown! After the matches, the streets of Cologne come alive with a very special tradition: the “Autokorso” – fans driving around with their team’s flags, honking, and cheering out loud. So be prepared, moments like these make the EURO 2024 in Cologne exciting and lively!

Now, how can you truly enjoy the EURO 2024 in Cologne?


EM 2024 in Köln

We’ve got three tips to share with you :

  1. Join a Guided Bike Tour *wink, wink*: For starters, it’s always best to have a proper overview of the city before you start exploring the fun stuff! In that case, our guided bike tours offer a good start for your journey through not only the city, but our local pubs scattered around to enjoy the EM vibe to the fullest! Click here for more info!
  2. Go local and embrace the Local Culture: Join the Kölner football culture and get sucked into the infectious atmosphere; wear your team’s colors and get excited with the locals who are welcome to celebrate with you.
  3. Try Kölsch – A MUST DO! The Kölner football experience is not complete without a glass of our beloved local brew –  the Kölsch! Light, refreshing, and the perfect companion for watching a match.




Quick recommendation on the side; you should definitely visit the Sport & Olympia Museum where you can get some insight on the history of national and international sports.

Excited for the EURO 2024 in Cologne? So are we!

Cologne during the EURO is an experience like no other. The passion just pours through every crevice and creates a fun, exciting and welcoming atmosphere for every football fan – local or not!

So now the question is; when are the matches in Cologne?!

Mark your calendars! Because Cologne will host matches on the following dates:

     15th of June: Hungary vs. Switzerland

     19th of June: Scotland vs. Switzerland

     22nd of June: Belgium vs. Romania

     25th of June: England vs. Slovenia

     And the round of sixteen on the 30th of June!

In conclusion, if you want to get the true EURO experience in Cologne, be sure to join Colonia Aktiv on a bike tour and get yourself the best recommendations for places to watch the games, enjoy kölsche cuisine and soak in the good vibes! Our detailed offers can be found here!

So, gear up, grab your bike, and get ready for an unforgettable EURO 2024 experience in one of the most passionate football cities in the world!

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